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Scholastic Corporation is an American multinational publishing, education and media company that publishes and distributes comics, books and educational materials for schools, parents and children. Products are distributed through retail and online sales and through schools via reading clubs and fairs.

Jennifer shared her terrible experience, "I will NEVER order online from scholastic. I placed an order for books for my daughter and was originally charged $37.25 for the order which was debited from my checking account. Then, they changed the price to $37.90. I received NO notification of this up-charge. So instead of charging my card the difference, they debited ANOTHER separate charge of $37.90. I had to wait for over a week for the pending charge to drop off my statement. THEN, I ordered an e-wallet for my son and put $40 on it. I thought this would be convenient since it's prepaid and he can't over spend. He had a balance of $8.64 still left to spend. THEY DEDUCTED $8.64 from my checking account. Are you kidding me?!"


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Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company does not value it’s employees. Training is too little, too late yet compensation is based on meeting sales goals. My territory was cut in size every year, yet my goals were increased. To add insult, when I applied for an internal position to advance, I was told that I would not be respected because I had worked in inside sales."

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"There is an upper management in the company that clouds the truth and has brought an element of conniving and mistrust since they have been there. The CEO should not listen so closely to them - in fact he should clean house and elevate people that really care about teachers. Until then, it will be more of the same. Mistakes made by people that excel in getting smart people out of the way so they can fulfill their own objective"

Part Time Employee (Former Employee) says

"Scholastics is a warehouse, the workers require to work in a fast paced . It was a stressful and tense working . Everyone is working so fast and even create a panic attack . Sometimes barely can’t breath because of the high tension pressure given by the supervisor and team leader. Highly no recommend to work at this place . Supervisor did not do a good job and tend to put all the work load to the workers .work and team leader .Super stress, fast paced, anxiety"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"During my time at Scholastic (2 Years) - I found the supervisors to be intentionally disrespectful. - Careless when discussing performance with the reps. - They seem to favor public humiliation rather than quiet, private meetings with their rep staff. - The environment is very hostile, brought on by the temperament of management and their disrespectful treatment of the employees, excessively low pay and inability to communicate effectively. - Supervisors REQUIRE (under threats of penalties) to reduce their phone calls to 4 minutes or less, all the while knowing that a normal order (with 1-2 errors from the teacher) cannot be performed reliably in the aforementioned time-frame. The supervisors are very happy to let us know that they care very little about getting the orders placed correctly, more about hitting the time. - The say that they will call back and eventually they will get the order in OR they can do it online. - However, no time allotted to instruct teachers how to do it correctly online. - Outdated equipment, (and recently updated to still... outdated equipment.) - Requested days off that are approved are still subject to change at the drop of a hat, nothing is guaranteed. - They keep the workers just below the "full-time" level so that no insurance or benefits are offered. - SUCK place to work, there is a reason the supervisors hide their home addresses."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"They expect the good workers to do pick up the slack of the people they can't get to work. But pay them the same. Raises are the same for everyone whether they work hard or not. You only get a raise once a year and you're lucky if it's more than 30 cents. Supervisors and team leaders showed favoritism towards friends and family. More than half the place is full of friends and family. members"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"only job i ever had where three kind, polite co-workers—independently of one another— said to me “i hope [our manager] dies i hate her so much.” one said “i hope she gets cancer.” That should convey what it’s like to work there."

Technical Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Poorly ran organization with poor leadership. Senior leaders have been with the organization for decades and each have their own agenda. Worst environment"

Seasonal Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"You get overworked and you’re not appreciated! A supervisor should make you love your job but they do just the contrary! They never appreciate your hard work and rarely ever get a simple thank you"

Inside Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"I used to work for Scholastic for 9 months. I was let go from the company for false accusations. My attorney is handling the situation. I would not recommend this company."

Inventory Control Clerk II (Former Employee) says

"Management was hardly qualified to lift a box of tissues, let alone babysit 50+ felons and drug addicts. I wouldn’t reccomend Scholastic to my worst enemy, not even my mother-in-law. And I LOATHE my mother-in-law.Free Laughs, No Supervision, Minimal Thinking InvolvedEverything that I haven’t listed as a “Pro”"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"The Culture at this branch has been on a downward spiral ever since the long time branch manager retired and was replaced with a guy who is heavy into playing favorites. He moved workers around out of their original positions just because. One of his first acts I kid you not was throwing out all the sitting stools for workers doing lighter task who were older and had health problems. While most of the workers have drama from him, the married women in their late 30's and 40's one in particular seems to always get the easier assignments because point blank there are talks around this place of these two having extra curricular activities in the private halls. It's a good ole boy culture and a place for the 40 something new branch manager to come and play fun games with hot and bothered married women who want side action. This job went downhill over the last 3 depositlow pay"

Warehouse Worker (Temp) says

"honestly the place was kind of nuts you never knew what was going on team leaders would scramble to figure things out every night and not have a game plan it was a hostile environment with some of the people they consider hiring, overtime was ridiculous i dont mind working overtime but having 4 days off a month is a little ridiculous there was no room to have an actual life there i honestly would not reccomend this place to anyone whatsoever i would say find janitorial work before this because they expect your whole life to revolve around them without proper pay to match the hours/workits a job i guessvery little time off, pay wasnt good, people were hostile."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"The Greensboro branch warehouse managers are total jokes. It's a extremely uncomfortable work environment, there is no respect from branch manager or warehouse manager. You are expected to produce like a robot, people were spoken to without any respect, you're on your feet all day, work relentless, very hot warehouse, a lot of gossip, very low rate of pay for the quality of work I was doing. Not a career choice for anyone who has goals in life.50% off in bookno respect"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not really a bad job. Really a two man truck delivery job. Should have had to deliver just to receiving area. Had to take all over the schools. Not exactly a good delivery job.None.Hard work draging carts all over school buildings."

Senior Analyst/ Project Lead (Former Employee) says

"long hours of work, work is an iteration of the same thing meaning not learning anything new. Most folks in the group I was in have no respect and professionalism. And company culture is that there is no career path for majority of employee. So, if you were hired at a partivular job "title", you remain in that title until retirement age. And there is no training to enrich your profession at all."

factory worker (Former Employee) says

"This company was actually fantastic to work for, however the work was unforgiving and stressful. Most of the building itself was over heating and those working on the second floor would become dehydrated within minutes. I loved working with the books and completing the orders but the only complaint was getting sick constantly because of the heat."

Operations (Current Employee) says

"When I clock in, the stress begins. I was cross-trained in everything in the warehouse. I learned how to pack and pick. Management there is just awful! Being able to pick and pack over 100% speed was the hardest part besides standing on my feet for 9 straight hours. There weren't any enjoyable part about the job. I would not refer anyone to work at scholastic. We don't quite get 15 min breaks and neither do they give us a full 30 min lunch. It is horrible, a real deal nightmare for me and I have literally no time with my four children for school, homework, after school or anything. My work hours are 4pm-1:30amNoneNone"

Lead Agile Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"No job security, no work/ life balance New management in IT replacing quality employees with college hires Great Agile Process and engineering best practices"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Employees are paid next to nothing, while managers get paid thousands. The branch and warehouse managers pick and choose which rules to follow based on how well they like you, and use the company's policy to their convenient. You're not allow to sit or have conversations. The managers are sitting in their offices doing "computer work" while a few workers do work and some don't. It's a very toxic environment. Almost as if employees have no rights.None"

Senior Credit Risk Manager (Former Employee) says

"the company is unwilling to change for the better. Stating that they have done it this way for forty years and refuse to change.Upper management gets large pay increases and bonuses. Middle management and staff gets very small pay increases and no bonuses.back stabbing if you like itvery small pay increases"

scholastic sucks says

"They make scholastic news about some stuff like fortnite they say that my kids cant handle it but i look at my kids playing fortnite they arent getting mad its usually the parents fault that they act like that still its not really addictive to my kids and they also say its violent well i mean they arent killing each other its more like a paintball fight so yeah thats one example of scholastic making news articles that are useless and the bookfairs more kids buy books with toys than the real chapter books like i at least saw 14 kids buy books with toys its just wrong and i admit i bought a book with a toy and guess what my son played with the toy more than reading the book i know thats alot but im serious they get on peoples nerves and i want to go back and adress the news articles yes some of them are informative but most of them kids dont even need to read like they want to talk about fortnite being violent when they publish a news article about the iraq war and ww2 and doesnt it say that kids should learn about wars when they are in 7th grade sure you can mention it but you cant mention all the people that died and what guns they used like even my kid was shocked but anyways that is why they have been getting on my nerves and again ik this is alot but scholastic sucks"

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